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Instructions and Help about Sf 3107 1 certified summary of federal service

Hello my federal employee friends Cooper back again today we're going to talk about something that I deal with quite a bit and something that you probably think about quite a bit and that is how much money that you need for retirement many of you should be at least thinking about okay I'm putting all this money away I'm working you know they're taking money from my paycheck putting my pension I'm putting money my TSP but what do I need for retirement so I'm going to talk today to you about some guidelines and some just some suggestions that I think you should look at for determining how much money you should have in retirement so before I give you any tips or tricks I first want to say please subscribe to the channel it helps grow the channel and I want to be able to keep you informed and understanding of all the things that are happening here so click that subscribe button real quick I appreciate it okay before I get into any tips or advice or anything like that I first want to talk about why you put money away because many of you are putting money into your TSP if you're watching this video then you're probably you know you keep up with your finances if you're subscribed to this channel then you're you know doing a lot of good things for yourselves I'm sure because you wouldn't be watching me talk about your Feder employee benefits that really isn't the most exciting topic if it wasn't somewhat important or interesting to you so good job on that but you are putting money away and if you are putting money away you need to understand that you're not putting away for no reason okay you're putting money away because it needs to have a purpose but what I find is a lot of people are just throwing money into these accounts for really they don't have a reason there's hoping you know like I hope that when I retire this is gonna be it enough money for me to live on but the issue is you have no goal for yourself you have no determinant for how much money you're gonna need so therefore you don't know how much money you're gonna need you don't know how much to put into it and if you don't have any estimated you know ready to return anything like that you have no goal you know I like to give the example if I was going to tell you hey go on some trip to somewhere in California you've never been to California before if you didn't have a map or GPS you wouldn't really be able to get there right you wouldn't be able to get there efficiently at least you know you may be able to find like signs on the road and everything like that and have a general direction but it would.


How would the SF Bay Area be different today if they'd used some of the gold-rush money to build a dike, reroute the rivers, pump out the water and fill it with dirt up to ground level?
So many problems with this question.First: Scale. Do you have any idea HOW LARGE the SF Bay is? 1,600 Square Miles! How on earth do you fill all that in?Second: Flooding. The bay is there because three major rivers (Sacramento, American and San Joaquin) come together here. That plus innumerable other smaller waterways means that you have millions of gallons of water coming into the bay every day. Where would all that water go?Third: The port. The real reason why San Francisco exists is because of the bay. There is really nothing terribly interesting about San Francisco during the gold rush. Except for the fact that it was on the way to the gold fields. The Bay made this possible. In this time period, water was the major transportation mode. Filling in the bay would have been a disaster for them economically.Fourth: Environmental impact. There are several major ecosystems represented by the bay. We did huge damage to them during the first part of the 20th century and are just starting to set them right again.Fifth: Aesthetics. The bay is beautiful and our lives revolve around it. Why on earth would we fill it in?You get the idea.Filling in the bay would have pretty much ended San Francisco as we know it. Perhaps the city would not be there at all.BTW, the opposite of what you ask actually happened. During the ice age you could walk to the Farallons because the sea level was so much lower:
How much liquid required to fill the tank if the tank was 1/3 portion full, after 50 litre liquid drain out it remains 1/6 of the tank?
How common is it for a plaintiff to win a partial Lanham legal claim of false advertising but not the original trademark infringement? CA federal court recently granted partial summary judgment for In-N-Out Burger v. Smashburger.
As I read it, they’re totally separate and independent claims. First, whether Smashburger Doubles have twice the beef of Smashburger Singles. Second and unrelated, whether Smashburger’s “double the beef” would be confused with In-N-Out’s “double the beef.” The court ruled the first was false, nor even worth a trial by jury (which type of rulings they do in California), but that doesn’t involve In-N-Out or influence or be influenced by whether the two phrases would be confused by customers. The second is a separate claim and has not been addressed.
In SF, how is it legal to compensate jurors at $15 per day? Spending 8 hours there equates to about $1.88 per hour and jurors aren't even paid for the first day of service.
The meager earnings for serving on a jury were never meant to be an incentive or reward for serving on jury duty. In order for a Democracy, which is governed by the people (at least, in theory ), the people must be available to serve justice upon those who are charged with breaking the laws which we have passed to govern ourselves.The governance of a Nation, in this instance the USA, is the alternative to other choices where the power is reserved for an elite group, where the leaders, be they in power which emanated from their birthright as found in the World’s Monarchies, military power, economic wealth or religion.Until the advent & implementation of Democracies the citizens who comprised the great majority of most organized, civilized societies had little say in how they were governed. Those who wielded power - economic /or physical - determined who had violated their rules & what punishment would be imposed for breaking the rules.So, there is the rub • with the Freedom from rule by Kings/Queens, Tyrants, Chiefs & Despots & religious leaders comes the responsibility of serving to govern. For those to be judged & punished to maintain peace & equiwithin a society aka “law & order,” there must be available some of their fellow citizens, aka “peers,” to serve & determine the guilt or innocence & the appropriate punishment for breaking the rules. And that is how juries came to be & with it the need for peers to be available to serve in groups we have come to call “juries,” & that service is not a paying job. No, it is a duty - Jury Duty.For the Democracy to work, those who are governed must feel the exercise of the Law & theOrder we trust it will bring is, both effective & fair. It must be fair - or equal - despite the economic or power status of each & every member of the society, aka “citizen,” being judged. From that need for adjudication & fairness arose the concept of each person having “inalienable rights.” In the USA, those rights are guaranteed.In balance, one will be seen to have forsaken some of those guaranteed protections, inalienable rights, if they break the rules/laws, which places the entire Democracy at risk due to the potential collapse of order were such law-breaking allowed to go unpunished.I have not studied the history of how it came to be that jury service required some form of pay or remibursement for the expenses incurred in the process of serving, but it has evolved & I looked at that money as the fuel for the parking meter we must feed for the price of doing my part to help my town, my County, my Sovereign State of New Jersey, my Country to keep moving ahead in this great Nation’s journey through History…. Indeed, then greatest, most successful Experiment any large group of Homo Sapiens have enjoyed in the 100,000 or so years we have been around this planet Earth.Betcha never thought you’d see a reply to your question which managed to wax quite this philosophical. But, I hope the larger view helps you find happier space with that meager reimbursement we are paid as we do our small part serving as a jury for our peers as we all work, even in some small way, to Exercise the laws which maintain the order & keep the engine of the USA running, ‘cause …we • are the very Heart Beat of America. (My apologies to Chevy, yuk yuk).
A glass of water with a volume of 1 liter is completely filled at 5°C. How much water will spill out of the glass when the temperature is raised to 85°C?
Depends on the type of glass. As you warm the water, you also warm the glass. If the glass has a high coefficient of thermal expansion like ordinary common glass (8.5 ppm/degC) then the container will get bigger more quickly than if the glass is a low coefficient glass like Pyrex (3.2 ppm/degC).Laboratory glassware is often made from Pyrex, so if you do this in a Pyrex beaker, the container will grow by a factor of 1.000256 in each linear dimension, and its volume will increase by about the cube of this (1.000768), adding about 0.768 ml to the volume of the nominally 1 liter beaker. Meanwhile, the water will expand by a factor of 1.01656, adding 16.56 ml to the volume of the water. The difference is about 15.8 ml. I expect the overflow to be about 16 ml.Doing this measurement will be complicated by the meniscus effect. You could also do it by watching the water level rise in a 1 liter graduated cylinder made from Pyrex.I took my expansion numbers from Thermal expansion - Wikipedia
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