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Sf 3112 Form: What You Should Know

Please note that your  physician doesn't have to sign this form; however, they are required to certify that “the physician has obtained an opinion from a  physician's secretary regarding your medical condition”. The physician is required to list all medical conditions that prevent them from  practicing medicine in their professional area. If the physician has already stated that you have a medical condition,  the physician must change his or her opinion to “no medical condition that prevents” you from working as a  professional licensed to practice medicine. Medical Condition: You must provide a list of all the medical conditions that prevent you from working as a professional licensed to  practice medicine in your area. A medical condition is defined as any illness, disfigurement or injury, or any  physiological condition that produces one or more of the following: (1) inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity; (2) pain or discomfort severe enough to limit the ability to work, (3) prolonged disability that will result in a loss, (4) or deterioration in health, (5) loss of function, (6) loss of memory, (7) or changes in behavior, or (8) incapability to do any work. (9) The conditions on the listing of Disabilities in  the Appendix of this Form 3112 are not considered “medical conditions”. Disabilities in the Appendix  of this Form 3112 are generally considered serious mental illness, traumatic brain injury (TBI), intellectual disability, and cognitive disability. A “physician's statement” required by section 1036.104(a)(8) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 for Medicare beneficiaries. You must  include a written statement from your physician describing your physician's medical condition. If you have a  physician who refuses to sign the statement, you can either state so, or you can also have your physician (or another qualified  healthcare practitioner, e.g., psychologist, psychiatric nurse professional, clinical social worker, hospital chaplain) certify that your physician's medical condition could not be verified in real-time by OPM or a State agency (e.g.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sf 3112

Instructions and Help about Sf 3112

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